Interracial dating with no charge

note; this story has pictures in html frames that may not display in some browsers [firefox], probably due to ad blocking.Internet expolorer works ok, tell me if the images work in your browser.I might make it longer some story was written as an author's challenge, to write a "good" story of a naive 14 year old nymphomaniac. there is love, triumph, sadness, loss, fulfillment, and ultimately, contentment all packed into this tale.I cheated a little, as my character isn't really very naive. the story of a man whose midlife crisis leads to an affair with a young woman motorcyclist. the characters in this story are so true to life, that one can believe they truly exist. A mostly happy story, I got good response from this when I posted it to the newsgroup. I've had a lot of positive response from this story, but don't mind to hear some more!

Barefooot in the 80's part 3; Attack of the teenaged virginm/f first rom 2.500 words Alone and broke in the Spanish hills, strapping young Adam is helpless to resist hot 16 year old Malu. Barefoot in the 80's part 4; I become a voyeur M/f, M/F/f cheat, voy 5300 words Deena returns to to Adam as Malu goes back to school. cheat A proud young Indian wife accompanies her husband to Kuwait where he's been promised a good job.A story with a twist or two, pain, despair, pleasure, and hope. A bit of a psychosexual thriller, this story is about a woman who truly "knows" people through sex.Her erotic power is both awesome and dangerous; learning to live with it will be difficult. A man's life is changed forever when he saves his young neighbor; he's a hero, women want him, and they get him, too.If you've enjoyed my work, why not return the favor by sending me a short [or even long] note?I will always reply unless requested not to; I do not pass on email addresses to third parties.

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