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"And it could cost you your spoton the cheerleading squad, if I push the issue. "Alexis bit her lip and looked down at the floor nervously, asshe shifted her weight from one foot to the other, back andforth."Well..." she said."Yes?" he inquired."It's just that I'd like to be popular with the boys, andthey like it when I put on a show like that," she admitted."I'll bet they do," he told her.

I need to have aword with you about your performance here," he told her, ratherquietly.

As he had noticed earlier, Alexis was wearing tight royalblue bloomers underneath.

As his eyes traveled downward, hesmiled at her shapely thighs and her knobby teenaged knees.

You know, sexstuff that they like a girl to do to them.""Like what? "I'd get kicked off the cheer squad,for sure.""Well then, I guess this could be our little private sexeducation class," he told her with a smile.

" Alexis asked, her curiosity piqued."Well, Alexis, it would work best if I actually showed you.""I don't know, sir," she said. That way, you'd be all prepared for the boys, and youwouldn't have to worry about being embarrassed because you don'tknow what to do with them."It made sense to Alexis, and she did think the coach was agood-looking man. Alexis giggled, still nervous about the idea."So," she said. ""First, why don't you take a couple of steps back and give mea good view of you in your little cheerleading uniform? Alexis did so, and modeled her little uniform for the coach'senjoyment, watching him as he devoured her with his lustful eyes.

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