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While not all of these people survive the first 30 minutes of the movie and then get sucked onto the ship, being on board proves to be not the worst fate in the shoulder-shrugging logic of this simple plot thread: eventually the humans find themselves in Laos after the crash an alien spaceship, with a baby that rapidly ages (from the first movie, for all you “Skyline” super fans) that has alien-human blood that could help save the Earth.Even better, Mark, Audrey and others find themselves teaming up with super fighters like Iko Uwais’ Sua and Yayan Ruhian’s The Chief, especially as the aliens bring their battle to turf.

The visual cliffhanger is as grandiose as it is ridiculous, whether or not the homemade sci-fi movie from VFX gurus the Strause brothers could afford it. For his directorial debut, “Skyline” producer Liam O’Donnell sidesteps the the story originally by himself and co-writer Joshua Cordes, hungry for a similar “cool” that came from the first film’s last audacious moments.This formation of this quasi-super team makes for some spirited, though visually redundant hand-to-claw combat in the final showdown.Like “Skyline” before it, this movie proves the scope of captivating visuals (both practical and CGI) that can be achieved without a hundred-million dollar budget.Even when the family explained that the boy had a test he was going to miss, Waggener wasn’t willing to lose his yard workers, the family said. “They were trying to appease him long enough to get an opportunity to get away,” Fitzgerald said.After about an hour of forced labor, the man walked across the street, the family said — giving the 13-year-old girl a chance to call police, KCPQ reports. Waggener was arrested Wednesday without incident around 8 a.m., police said.

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