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***Update, September 2016 Since Google's privacy politics has changed, you can't use HTML5 Geolocation API if your server doesn't have HTPPS certificate or user doesn't allow you check his location.So now you can use user's IP and check in in PHP or get HTTPS certificate.

Due to the fact that AOL uses a network that routes all of the company's Internet traffic through Reston, Virginia, all IP-based geo-location services, including IP2Location, are unable to determine the state and city for people who dial into the AOL network.I'm recommending this because in my experience it was working excellent even including city and country location for my IP which most of other databases/apis failed to include/report my location except this service which directed me to this database.(My ip location was from "Rasht" City in "Iran" when I was testing and the ip was: Thank you for your interest in this question.If you redistribute the software with database to more than 20 users, please visit licensing and contact us for more information about Redistribution License (On Premise).You need to have the right type of license if you want to redistribute IP2Location geolocation in your Saa S application. Length Firstly, convert the IP address to IP number format.

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