Is brody jenner still dating avril lavigne 2016

Brody, who was previously romantically linked to leading ladies Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari as well as rockstar Avril Lavigne, has made the distance between him and his step-sisters very clear in a recent interview with Yahoo Style."I don't see them very often," Brody said of the Kardashian sisters. To be honest, I don't even really know Kanye that well at all.I've really only met him one time," Brody said.Brody Jenner, who stole the hearts of several members of cast, is now living out his own fairytale romance — he's engaged to his longtime love, Kaitlynn Carter.

Sounds like some family wedding planning drama to us!

The bling also doesn't scream "engagement ring" to us, as one BRIDES editor pointed out it appears to be almost a cameo of sorts, but, natch, we'll be on the look out for an engagement ring selfie from the bride-to-be..

If you'll remember, his relationship with Carter was considered "too new" for Kim Kardashian to offer her stepbrother a plus one to her ornate Italian wedding with Kanye West, resulting in him boycotting the event entirely.

Is the Y2k Hollywood “Party Boy” finally ready to settle down?

Brody announced the news via Instagram, in the early morning hours of Friday, May 6.

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