Is dating a married man bad

When you dont feel safe, you cant express your feelings and opinions.

Learn how to identify whether you are in an abusive relationship.

The fundamental emotional need of a man is to be respected and appreciated.

To make a woman feel loved give her the three AAAs: Attention, Affection, & Appreciation.

Ask yourself, What do I need to know to be absolutely certain I want to marry this person?

What bothers me about this person or the relationship? Dont just listen to what they say but watch for how they say it!

2) Choose Character over Chemistry: While chemistry and attraction are no doubt important, character precedes them both.

A famous quote follows, Chemistry ignites the fire, but character keeps it burning.

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The problem with that premise is that no consideration is given to that time is spent.

Depending on the family or culture, conversations are either minimal & chaperoned or worse, unrestricted and unsupervised.

When you consider these limitations it makes one wonder when exactly, if ever at all, would the critical conversations take place?

The idea of falling in love should never be the sole reason for marrying someone; it is very easy to confuse infatuation and lust for love.

The most important character traits to look for include humility, kindness, responsibility, & happiness.

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