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A pair of reunion shows were booked in Chicago at the Metro late last month, both of which sold out immediately.

Despite having not played regularly for several years, Daniels – one of the hardest hitting drummers this writer has ever witnessed live – by all accounts performed admirably, leading the band to take it on the road as a trio, with Harding on board as well.

Finally we got into a rehearsal space and played after 16 years of not playing together and it was just kind of normal. Scott Lucas: We got wind that a label was talking to Universal about licensing [] and putting it out – and we had no idea.

We found out who that was and wanted to work with them and make sure they got extra tracks and made it something a little more deluxe.

Then it just kind of hit me to have this stage set up where there’d be two drums on either side and I’d be in the middle, and there’d be two sets and there wouldn’t be an opener.

In the middle would be and the opening set would be me and Ryan and at the end would be two drums and it was, “This could be a really great show.” It was just a matter of making sure everybody was on board with it.

The show, which comes to Brighton Music Hall tomorrow night, will see Scott Lucas: There had been some bad shit going down in the last few years, as you were privy to see yourself, and it got to the point where there were some legal threats, and I was like, “Look, let’s have a drink and let’s hash it out, let’s figure out what’s going on here.” And that’s pretty much how it happened; it was just basically over a couple of beers and figuring out what exactly is bothering everybody.

I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t nervous as shit those two Chicago shows.

Daniels: I have not been playing much at all; 2008 is pretty much the last time I played since Local H.

And the music of Local H isn’t something you can just jump right back into.

So how does it go from that first meeting to playing together again?

Daniels: With the anniversary [of ] it really kicked into high gear; it was now or never. I guess there’s a lot of quiet moments still because we don’t know each other anymore – it’s been a long time.

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