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As expected, it didn’t take long before all the Harry Potter puns and references floated our Twitter feeds.Click through our photo gallery above to see some of the best reactions to Neville, er, sorry, Matthew Lewi’s wedding.Wednesday, May 9, 2018Wonder Women Tranquility du Jour's Kimberly Wilson, and Rescue Chocolate and USA Veg Corp founder Sarah Gross Feoli, are vegan Wonder Women indeed.Ex-ballerina Sarah and her biz partner Nira Paliwoda put on…Rowling, gave a speech during the final world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on 7 July 2011 in London, England.He said: "I was 21, I was like 'yeah, this'll be cool!Sure, it’s the script of the West End stage play and it’s set 19 years late, but it’s still pretty effing exciting, you know?" It was never meant to be a "hey everyone, look at me!

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We'll chat with him after Jivamukti Yoga founder Sharon Gannon shares with us The Magic 10 techniques from…Wednesday, June 6, 2018Juice Guru Steve Prussack National Health Association Plant-based long before it was cool, the National Health Association carries a proud history, as its president Mark Huberman will share.Then Steve Prussack, famed juice guru, shares about juicing,…A lively hour devoted to your health, well-being, and living lightly and lovingly on planet Earth. Wednesday, June 20, 2018Can You Be a Vegan Beekeeper?Host Victoria Moran entertains with the latest on the vegan life—it’s not just for celebrities but for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing, eat extraordinary food, help animals, and create a physical body attuned to spiritual growth. And Checking in With the Jazzy Vegetarian Does keeping bees disqualify you as a vegan?

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