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Thus begins the rumor mill and the speculations of the curious and wonderous.The word is that the changes are rather negative and if you examine Flannery’s before and after pics, agreeing with the people would seem like a fair bet, The changes that were attempted appear of the unnecessary nature and but if you compare his results to some other past disasters, it couldve been worse.

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Tell you what, if Sean Patrick Flanery plastic surgery did take place then ,maybe it was a little of a misstep but if it didn’t, what does that say about what the public thinks of his current appearance and physical state?

Honestly, in those regards, that might be one of the very few times that you actually root for the result of his appearance to be from surgery and not a result from either a bad diet, bad habits or just unique physical genetic traits at work.

Will you postpone the pain for mild short-term pleasure if you don’t?

and as we all know, tomorrow never sees what it doesn’t see too soon.

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