Is taylor momsen dating chace

Carter functioned like Chuck and Nate's gateway drug — he was the first to give them pot and sneak them into nightclubs.Much like Georgina, when Carter popped up, you knew trouble was close by; he also at some point became indebted to the Buckley family and had to work off his debt on an oil rig. ) The last we see of Carter is when he's caught lying to Serena — she retaliates by kicking him out of her limo, which is en route to Palm Springs in search of her dad.Today we have a story of an American actor Chace Crawford who falls in the second category. This thing made million of people curious about his dating histories, love affairs, and relationships.So, let's dig out all the details of Chace Crawford's personal life.pulled out more than once, Georgina was the first character to appear as a mysterious stranger — pretending to be the clueless new girl in town.But psych, that's just the first of her many schemes, from bedding Dan to finding Jesus to faking her baby's paternity.Jenny most encapsulated the crushing humiliation, joy and, well, more crushing humiliation of being a teenager, finally harnessing her ambition and talent into a clothing line (which is much cooler than a headband).

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She continues to front The Pretty Reckless and enjoy copious amounts of black eyeliner.

Maybe Carter settled into life in the desert and sells T-shirts at Coachella now.

Then: Nelly Yuki is a lesson for the kids: Do not peak in high school!

Around season four, he peaced out to Sarah Lawrence College and only returned for a brief good-bye in the finale (like Jenny).

Now: Connor, who attended acting school with Taylor Momsen and Then: Brooklyn's resident hip wet blanket, Vanessa mainly functioned as the "angel voice" on Dan's shoulder, but still juggled on-and-off relationships with him and Nate.

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