Is wu chun dating ella

� But he couldn't help to fall deeply in love with Ella.� What is he going to do now there's a love triangle at hand? This is a Fan Fiction which I wrote back in 2008 for a Chinese forum as a member.Wu Chun emphasised that he understood that as a public figure, it is "part of his job" to be followed by the paparazzi.However, he did not want his family to be disturbed and was horror-struck when his father was photographed in their gym, back in Brunei.They are humans too and they might not had been a couple anyway it can be fake especially the rings and bracelet probably just to make fans happy. Chun Wu was a photographer, director and producer, until one day an accident cause him to lose his eyes.Their company probably made the two wear couple bracelet and rings to make us She is in love with his best friend. Now his life as changed, he's wife has left him, he's children has abandon him now he's stuck being homeless, cold, hungry, and alone.Chun Wu is in love with Rainie Yang but alas, he's also in love with Ella Chen, the witch.� The downfall of it is Chun's mother "despises" witches.

The 31-year-old also let on that his face began to swell after five to six takes. Wu Chun expressed that Sunny Girl emphasised on its plot and scenic views, which were shot on location at Taiwan, Shanghai and Okinawa, Japan.

The actor is also trying to shed his 'idol' title and wants to morph into an entirely different person for his roles.

He no longer wants to be seen as the perfect gentleman, and added that he is willing to try becoming fat, bald and even disfigurement to change his image, similar to what Hong Kong actor-singer Aaron Kwok did.

The strapping lad confessed that he did not have the time to think about love and is worried that he may end up hurting the girl as he is unable to give her his full attention. When xinmsn suggested that he can get a girlfriend from showbiz, because then she would understand him better, Wu Chun immediately objected, "That's even worse. We might end up seeing each other a few times in a year." When asked if he will allow his showbiz girlfriend to film a kissing scene, Wu Chun first answered, "It depends on the extent.

"She can't find you and when she called, you tell her you're filming a kissing scene. I have a limit." As an afterthought, the actor laughed and changed his mind, "Better not!

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