Iwantyou dating mir dating com

This site is such a poor attempt at making a website that we would feel sorry for it, if we weren’t being scammed out of money.

The weird broken English all over this site makes it obvious that it originates from Eastern Europe, which makes it even more obvious that this is a complete scam. This site doesn’t have ANYTHING to offer that better sites don’t do a million times better.

Here are some of our favorite phrases: “ Use this site to cultivate our weapons of sex destruction!

We promise, you’re going to laugh until you throw up like we did.Usually the only message we got back was a standard generic “wanna meet up? We didn’t set up a single date with anyone on this site.Knowing what kind of gross weirdoes we saw on there, it’s probably for the best in the long run, for us anyway.Fortunately (sure), meeting people won’t be a problem, because IWant has almost no members.While we sent out 250 emails on IWant U.com, we got very, very few back.

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