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I was in my second year of a joint language and law master's degree at a major US university.

The work had kept me busy, and while I'd kept my hand in dating some of my fellow grad students, nothing had seemed to click.

Her eyes were covered by sunglasses in fashion at the moment.

She was reading her text book and writing phrases on flip cards.

Despite not knowing the woman, I felt an immediate affinity to her, like being part of secret society trying to unpick the hidden rituals of an ancient order.

I just thought it would be fun to see what you are learning and perhaps we could chat a little." She brought her text book over to my table keeping it open to a well highlighted page. "Well you just happen to be studying the most Japanese of all verb tenses.She had an aquiline nose, strong dark eyebrows and long jet black hair tied up in a braid down her back.Her arms and legs had a slight muscular look suggesting an athletic interest.Then one day I was sitting down at my favorite street cafe on campus when a cute brunette coed sat down at the table beside me.She was quite a bit younger than me - certainly an undergraduate student.

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