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Children earn virtual stickers for cleaning the teeth and can save the stickers to their device’s photo album.

Other pages of the game feature brushing the teeth with a fireman on a skateboard toothbrush, assembling puzzle teeth, and decorating a fire station.

Cavity Dragons uses an interactive video game to motivate kids to brush their teeth.

Children move a fireman, who shoots a hose of toothpaste to eliminate cavity dragons, fires, and food from a mouthful of teeth.

Although how did she let Jason actually bring up Dallas football without mentioning that she was a cheerleader? Nikki – Okay, they actually make this poor woman wear her beauty queen sash and tiara while dusting a coffee table and then tapping it with her wand. ) Renee – Oh my…she makes "vision boards," aka "desperate lady collages." Maybe instead of pasting words cut out from magazines on poster board in the hopes of magically getting what she wants, Renee should work on preventing me from coming to LA and kidnapping her adorable little pug mix. Sharon employs the seldom-seen "force him to salsa awkwardly and he’ll never forget you! But, the majority of votes by far go to Megan, who has a small son of her own and a clear bond with Jason, and thus is a major threat.

Wow, that REALLY wouldn’t work if she weren’t so pretty.

And the blue of the fabric really complements the orange of her skin. After much whispering about who’s ready to be a mom, who’s ready to be a wife, and who gives off bad vibes, the women wind up giving Jackie (drunk) and Erica (catty) some votes. (Same goes to you, Renee and your vision boards.) Looks like it’s going to be an interesting season, though!

She loves kids and has experience with them, but there’s no concern about any kids of hers and how they’d get along with Ty. In a totally awesome twist, the women are given the chance to vote someone out. Aside from Nikki and Megan, the rose recipients are: Lauren, Kari, Naomi, Natalie, Molly, Raquel, Stephanie, Melissa, Julie, Shannon, Lisa, Sharon, and Erica. I hope you learned a valuable lesson about discussing bunions on the first date. Horrified/excited that De Anna’s apparently coming back?

Ann – She’s a flight attendant, and apparently Jason loves to travel. And now, we’ve reached the "awkward mingling" stage of the premiere. Shannon: If you have to go out of your way to explain that you’re not a stalker, that’s a cue that you should probably reference Jason’s Myspace page and personal life a little less.

I’m going to reserve (negative) judgment…she actually seems kind of quirky funny. The clip of her demonstrating how to toss the bouquet was especially tragic. "When there’s cattiness, I will stop at nothing to get involved." So…to intervene? Is she actually saying that she’ll let nothing stand between her and being catty? Of course she is.) Naomi – I want a t-shirt that reads: "I handle b*tches with a slap." Wait, even better: I want "She handled b*tches with a slap" to be my epitaph. We should, like, spend the rest of our lives together or something!

) Strike two: One of the restaurants she’s designed has ornately framed paintings on the ceiling. Strike three: I hate the "I work hard and play hard" cliché. Dominique – She’s from small-town Pennsylvania and looking to expand her dating pool. Melissa – Melissa is from Dallas, is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and somewhat resembles De Anna. Jackie – A divorced, depressed wedding coordinator.

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This app has self-directed learning sessions for 40 important skills necessary for living independently and accessing the community based on proven content.

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