Jason thompson and kim mccullough dating

alum Jason Thompson has announced the birth of his daughter on social media. @paloma #Rome Coco," Thompson captioned Friday's Instagram photo of his snoozing baby, who is wearing a knit hat and is snuggled in a white blanket.Patrick has never delved into his true pain in all of this, other than when he was pill-popping speed when he believed Robin was dead, and that was a coping mechanism at the time.JASON: He just keeps dancing down this road, and I want those moments where he sits back and somebody gets him to talk for once, and he is not reacting-mode.

First he caught up with Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and her beautiful daughter Victoria, and now Kimberly Mc Cullough (ex-Robin) was able to see MUST SEE: GH’s Ashley Jones Shares the Cutest Picture of Her Son, Hayden We’re sure Mc Cullough enjoyed catching up with her old friend, Thompson, but when you’ve got a beautiful baby like that to hold for the very first time, how could you think of anything else?I want him to have that realization and be like, “What is going on?” I want to keep going down that road, and I feel like I am talking him into making these decisions and whether they are right or wrong it’s more of, “OK, well nothing has worked so far, so just keep going, and keep going, and we will see what kind of fallout happens, if there is one.” When I think back through the last couple of years and how much has happened, I want Patrick to have a relationship with a psychiatrist where he can actually say all the things that he has been feeling.Being a dad to Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer), I would think would remain top on Patrick’s list of things he has to keep it together for, and that he knows no matter what he is going through his daughter is all-important, especially raising her solo without a mother at that moment. Personally, as a man hoping to have kids one day, I have always felt it is your job to create a better human being than you are, and I feel the same way when I think about Patrick and what I want him to do.I want him to create a better human being in Emma, and I hope we can have more stuff like that to play and illustrate that point.

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