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This was a modern change of scenery since the Empire State Building served as the original location in the 1933 film.

Following closely to the original film, King Kong ’76 tells the story of greedy businessman Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin), who believes there to be an ocean of oil buried within a mysterious island located in the Indian Ocean.

As for Kong, this is a creature who is heartbreakingly misunderstood.

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he certainly doesn’t want to cause a rampage in a heavily populated area.

These two buildings appeared in many films since their being opened to the public in 1973.

They were a part of New York culture and made for a very powerful cinematic backdrop and it is with films like King Kong ’76, that they will be remembered.

Even though Kong ’76 isn’t a milestone in film history, you have to give the filmmakers credit for featuring the former landmark so prominently.

The Twin Towers were as much a character in the film as Kong himself and they will be forever remembered not only through this film but by every film which proudly displayed the World Trade Center on celluloid.

Producer Dino De Laurentiis knew this all too well and this knowledge put people in movie theater seats.

Kong ’76 is one such film and while it may drip with cheese and feature seemingly silly robotic effects, it is a really amusing film and times, rather fun to watch.

Obviously, it doesn’t hold a candle to the 1933 classic but it is a 134-minute romp, mindless fun and old school adventure.

Jeff Bridges’ young hero is charismatic and full of vigor and his chemistry with the gorgeous Jessica Lange is the stuff of movie magic.

Charles Grodin’s slimy businessman provides some hearty laughs and he is the perfect example of a character you love to hate.

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