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But, you know, I'm not so sure -- it's not really a -- a children's book. And my hope is, in time, when they're ready each of them at their own will read it. And when they're ready the -- the things that mean -- that mean a lot to me and what got me to this decision. You know, I've always considered myself very private. As a matter of fact, if you read the book, you'll see that I spent a good long time trying to keep it very private and from becoming the spectacle, in fact, that it became.

SANFORD: But -- but my -- they -- they've read -- I've read to them parts of it just to make sure they were OK with it. It's -- and it's very difficult to talk about things that are very, very personal.

You could be forgiven, then, for dredging up every minor incident, exposing every annoying habit, in your memoir-cum-payback.

And so Jenny Sanford did -- but, boy, did she have material.

But once it became public, I just figured, you know, there are so many women out there that have connected with me and -- and said that they either admire the fact that I stood up and stood up without losing a sense of who I was.

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The two met when the former first lady of South Carolina (her divorce from straying Gov.You must have a whole bunch of dead wood to jettison there which was part of the "lets make Electrolux Lips look good" set. KING: Jenny Sanford is the first lady of South Carolina. SANFORD: You know, I -- I feel like I struck a chord with a number of folks around the country who were surprised, maybe, that I didn't crumble. I'm not -- I'm not really interested in getting retribution. She is divorcing the governor, Mark Sanford, after 20 years of marriage. He publicly admitted to adultery after telling his staffers he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail, when he was, in fact, visiting his lover. " JENNY SANFORD, SOUTH CAROLINA FIRST LADY: I'm not trying to get even, really. And I'm just hopeful that I can help some other women. I think it's an honest account of what -- what -- the values that I hold dear and the things I turn to in times of crisis or -- or in a busy political life to keep myself very solvent -- solid and grounded in my faith, my values. SANFORD: It was hard, but it was also, as you said, you know, cleansing. Jenny Sanford is the author of the new memoir, "Staying True." There you see its cover. KING: Do you see it, also, as some sort of retribution or -- or some sort of catharsis? You know, I -- I look to my faith, I look to my God, I look to my -- my friends and I look to my relationships with my family.

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