Jeon ji hyun dating gridview rowupdating event does not fire

Then in 2004, he along with Park Joon-shik (vocals) and Kim Hyun-joong (bass) formed rock band The Nuts.In 2005 Ji played Danny Zuko in a Korean staging of the musical Grease, which released its cast recording.

Jun who is also known as Gianna Jun has only given the world tiny glimpses in the past as to what her preference might be when it comes to the opposite sex.

Watch Wedding Photos of Jun Ji Hyun: The couple is said to be expecting their second child early 2018, barely two years after the birth of her first son.

This development has sparked speculation among fans if their idol might be considering retiring to family life soon.

For his first post-army project, Ji was cast as a genius songwriter/musician who helps the heroine become a trot singer despite his distaste for the musical genre, in the romantic comedy series Trot Lovers.

A major turning point in Ji's career followed as the protagonist of the critically acclaimed cable series The Awl, a webtoon adaptation that tackled social injustice when temps are laid off by a big-box store.

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