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And look, we're not trying to tear this woman down in order to make James seem like a great guy — clearly he had his own issues — but if there was going to be a way to come out looking worse than him in this whole situation, she found the way to do that.

He also dominated the airwaves with his groundbreaking show, , in 2003 alone, his company reported annual revenues of million dollars, so by late 2010 he was well-positioned to be calling his own shots.I have so many friends of color—black friends, Mexican friends. People see that and think I'm a Nazi." He then cited the fact that other famous people had jokingly donned Nazi gear and it was no big deal before adding, "But none of those dudes cheated on their wife, who was an Oscar winner," once again partially placing the blame on his ex-wife's fame. His marriage to Sandra Bullock imploded at a time when his company, West Coast Choppers, had grown larger than he ever wanted it to.They all called me and are like, "This is so f***ed up. With over 100 employees, payroll expenses at 5,000/month, and the revelation that employees, who also happened to be lifelong friends, had begun embezzling, James decided he needed to scale back.Granting interviews to basically any tabloid who called her, Mc Gee seemed hell bent on indefinitely prolonging her 15 minutes of fame, even if it meant repeatedly tearing open the wound of a destroyed marriage and making herself look awful in the process.Not only did she bring up Sandra Bullock by name in almost every interview, she famously posed for a photo in which she was kissing the A-List actress' photo on a magazine page.

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