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In a country where your house rent can jump from AED 21,000 to AED 55,000 per year and your shop rent can jump from AED 75,000 to AED 210,000 per year without explanation in 6 years because of some hype about Expo 2020 - what can you do? You seriously think a country that doesn’t offer Expats citizenship - is going to value an expat more than its own citizen? End of the day - whether you are selling supplements for losing fat which are banned in the country or advertising on Facebook to sell some items from home - I would only tell you this - Everyone in the Middle East is struggling to make ends meet.

What you see online is only the glamorous side of things. End of the day - everyone only wants to make money and get the hell out of being in a country which they can never call ‘home’.

All you have to do is open up a new opportunity to invest hundreds and get back thousands - and it will get sold off in seconds. After all - doesn’t everyone and anyone have to follow the same protocol? Let me share a few pointers with you how you can do this with a request - if you do like my pointers - give me a share and upvote so that even I can benefit from giving you my time and expertise. Yes, people can tell you “NO - the law treats everyone equally” or “I am bluffing and lying to people” but facts remain facts. Having lived in Dubai, UAE for 36 years, I made more money in the last 6 years, than then 50 years of my parents combined. If you want to make money in Dubai, UAE - there is legal way where everything is done to specification and where you can hope that through hard work, dedication and enough hope you will one day succeed. Let me share a few of the tips with you now that I am no longer in the UAE and don’t have to worry about competition.I hope this answer has shed some light into the question.Please do share this article to create awareness with others.

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