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Looking over, James saw Coconut staring at him with her cheeks stained with tears.

James followed them inside and flopped down on the west wing living room couch, Kashou and the others came in after him and sat around the large living room.

She pointed to the Minaduki family getting into their limo with Kashou giving him a nod before getting in."It's okay Coco, it's cold and wet out. Anyways I have one last thing to do before I'm ready to leave. "Not waiting for her reply, James stepped out from underneath their shared umbrella and flicked open his own umbrella. He placed his hand on the casket and began to speak to it."Hey Dad, I don't know why you went and did it, but that doesn't matter now.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me, how you left me in a financially stable state.

He thought about moving but she had obviously moved him so his head was sitting in her lap and she seemed to enjoy messing with his hair. Truth be told he has had a crush on Coconut for awhile and was going to ask her out last week but he got the news of his fathers death before he could, and James had just been to busy with arrangements that he hadn't had the time."Thanks for coming in here and doing this." James said"It's okay, I don't mind.

I like spending time with you." she said"Same." James said.

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