Katz not updating Reallivecam xxx

j Query went through a major house-cleaning with the 1.9 release that removed some features.If you haven’t yet moved from an earlier version, see the j Query 1.9 Upgrade Guide and let the j Query Migrate plugin do all the heavy lifting for you.You just know the project lead will suggest updating things right now.There goes your whole damn week and that trip to Florida. We’ve fixed quite a few bugs, but the other features and changes are mainly organizational ones that don’t affect the behavior of APIs.

Sourcemaps have proven to be a very problematic and puzzling thing to developers, spawning hundreds of confused developers on forums like Stack Overflow and causing some to think j Query itself was broken.

Lower startup overhead: The new modularity and avoidance of forced layouts led us to refactor our feature detects so that they run the first time they’re needed.

If you never call the API needing that feature detect, you never run that code.

You may be wondering what great new things await you in these releases.

Perhaps you’re fearing that they hold a bunch of breaking changes.

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