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Fans were wondering if Rocky popped the question, but it looks like maybe those two just weren't destined to last.

We wish her the best with Blake and can't wait for the two to make it official..someone!

She doesn't like people being all up in her business, though. They're referring to an incident this past weekend where Ben, Kendall and his ex-girlfriend Tinashe accidentally ended up in the same club together, which is obviously *very* awkward. "She deals with a lot of anxiety and needed a breather.

To make matters worse, Tinashe told TMZ as she was leaving the club that Ben was texting her while they were all inside.

Despite the subtle #dramz this weekend, the source said things are heating up between the two, and they seem to be more serious than they were a few weeks ago.

reports that the pair went out on a double date Kenny's friend Hailey Baldwin and athlete Chandler Parsons.

“Security measures seemed to have been taken to ensure Kendall and Ben enjoyed their night hassle free,” a witness told the outlet of that Manhattan night.

Kendall and Ben were first seen together back in May on a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They event went to Khloe Kardashian's July 4 party together, even though Kendall posted a pic solo.

Since then, they've been together in New York City, back in Los Angeles, and there were even rumors they were living together. "Over the last year, she also slowed down some of her work and took a break from the runway," the source said.

Kendall was hiding under a hoodie, and they wouldn’t allow anyone to take their picture." In the mean time, the model has been linked to rapper A$AP Rocky for months but now it looks like it was never super serious.

It was only a couple months ago that Kenny was sparking engagement rumors due to one very sparkly ring on finger.

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