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Is there an average temperature of your bathtub full of water? Now, we might argue over how to do the averaging (Spatial? ), but you can compute an average, and you can monitor it over time, and see if it changes.

The exercise is only futile if your sampling isnt good enough to realistically monitor changes over time.

NOTE: Because of the large number of negative comments this post will generate, please excuse me if I don’t respond to every one. But if I see a new point being made I haven’t addressed before, I’ll be more likely to respond. Spencer, you have challenged and stabbed a number of strawmen. I would only ask that you never falsely accuse me of being associated with Slayers or PSI and that if countering my claims based on empirical experiment and observation, you do so on an empirical basis only. The correct answer here is that there is a radiative GHE effect on this planet, but no net radiative GHE. Without these gases our atmosphere would have no effective cooling mechanism.

I am prepared to ignore the strawmen, and will challenge on points 1, 4 and 10 as I have conducted empirical experiments that contradict your claims in these points. DWLWIR provably raises Tmin over land, but empirical experiment shows incident LWIR has no significant effect on liquid water that is free to evaporatively cool. Remember the claim of the climastrologists that is the oceans could be retained in the absence of an atmosphere they would be at -18C? (empirical experiment shows gas conduction back to the surface is ineffective) The amount of energy radiated to space by radiative gases is more that twice the net flux they absorb from surface and direct solar radiation.

Second, even if the atmosphere was 100% opaque, it doesnt matter. No, the lapse rate describes how the temperature of a parcel of air changes from adiabatic compression/expansion of air as it sinks/rises.View the most popular UClaim e Book entitled “HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE CLAIMS ADVICE AND HELP – ALL ASPECTS – HOW TO PLAY THE GAME – DELUXE VERSION (W/APPENDIX)“ Both. Let them both send out their vehicle damage appraisers. They will both check to see if the other has already made payment.If a payment was already made by one adjuster and the other adjuster was going to pay more, then the second adjuster will only pay the difference. If your company pays you first and it turns out the other driver was at fault, your company will collect back from the other drivers insurer and get the appropriate portion of your deductible back for you also.Climate models address a spherical, rotating, Earth with a day-night (diurnal) cycle in solar illumination and atmospheric Coriolis force (due to both Earth curvature and rotation).Yes, you can do a global average of energy flows and show them in a flat-earth cartoon, like the Kiehl-Trenberth energy budget diagram which is a useful learning tool, but I hope most thinking people can distinguish between a handful of global-average average numbers in a conceptual diagram, and a full-blown 3D global climate model. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GLOBAL AVERAGE TEMPERATURE Really?!

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