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What we didn’t know is that the drugs had changed considerably. But we, as his parents, thought this was going to solve his problem. Always at the top of his class academically while struggling socially. While we were concerned, we were not overly as we both experimented with drugs in our teen years. While he graduated sum cum lauded one year earlier than his classmates, he was a heroin addict.

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And, I am doing what I can to help others who are struggling.

But I will never be whole until we are together again. I talk about you all the time to Oran, he’s 6 now and if you heard his emotion and words when he talks about you, you would think that he knew you as long as i did. I always tell him you would have been the best uncle possible. He cries real tears of pain for someone that left this earth 9 months before he was born. You were such a beautiful girl with a beautiful daughter and a son on the way. His dark journey started after a serious car accident upon returning from the Service.

I hate that my memories of you are tainted by use, but I’ll take what i can get. Till we meet again, oxox My dearest Michaela, I don’t understand and never will. But I think the pain he was living with inside of him when he was alive was probably worse, as he struggled with many emotional issues that stemmed from the absence of his father being a steady parent in his life. He lives in our hearts and minds until we meet again. He loved to laugh, make people laugh, was funny, energetic,compassionate, and had a smile that will be remembered by everyone.

I had the hospital priest come to pray for him and to forgive his sins. He felt so horrible for using drugs and for the harms it caused him and others.

I am a nurse, I know what’s going on, but this was my son. Tuesday we had only family coming to see him to say goodbyes.

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