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The Ivaka are depicted as using body ornamentation (jewellery, body paint, masks, headgear), fully developed language and simple technology such as gourds as vessels and the atlatl.The Ivaka woman, Ika, is depicted as wearing full body paint and is cast with a multiracial actress, leaving her racially indistinct.The movie was filmed on location in the Scottish Highlands and Tsavo National Park and Lake Magadi in Kenya.The opening sequence was filmed at Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island, BC (forest scenery) whereas the cave home was filmed at Greig's Caves on the Bruce Peninsula along the Niagara Escarpment near Lion's Head, Ontario. Moore was the associate producer in charge of action and animal scenes.The petite Ika is excluded by her tribe, and when she attempts to lie near him later that night, she is chased away.

After Naoh leaves the others to scout a village, he is trapped in quicksand, nearly sinking to his death, but is discovered and captured by the Ivaka — Ika's tribe.The three Ulam take the Kzamm fire and prepare to head home.A young woman named Ika, who had been a captive of the Kzamm, follows them, seeking protection.These are features that, in combination, amount to full behavioral modernity characteristic of the Upper Paleolithic.The language spoken by the Ulam was created by Anthony Burgess.

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