Lawyers client intimidating

Hiring an attorney is a simple, smart, and cost-effective way to make sure someone represents your best interests during an employment case.

Your attorney will gather information and evidence about your case, evaluate its legal merits, and enter disputes and negotiations with your employer on your behalf.

We also believe that, in many situations, the best mechanism for protecting the rights of employees is through class actions and collective actions.

That is why we thoroughly analyze every potential case before we start the litigation process.

Refusing to reasonably accommodate these needs can lead to a charge of employment discrimination. Employers are often guilty of wage and hour violations to cut costs.

There are federal and statewide minimum wage and overtime laws employers must obey.

Failing to hire or promote an employee because of a protected class is unlawful discrimination.

Initiating contact and taking the first step towards finding resolution can seem a daunting and intimidating task.

We understand the magnitude of your situation and the impact it may have on your life and the people you care about most.

No matter is too small or 'beneath' James Mc Convill & Associates.

Whatever the size of cliental or case we treat each with the same level of respect and dedication.

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