Leo star sign compatibility chart for dating

This person isn't too open to taking orders or following orders.They tend to be controlling and small-minded when it comes to other people and their ideas.They know right away if your relationship won't last, even if they continue to see you.Scorpios are only like this because they want to make sure that their relationships are rewarding and they want to protect their self-respect.Scorpio/Aries rising is primarily a beneficial combination. Generally, this combination brings about a person who explores, take chances and tries things out.Only they do those things like a scientist executing a clinical study rather than, a reveler having a good time.Sometimes, they'll talk to other people in a cruel and abrasive fashion.Incidentally, this is an excellent position for a professional critic, although, they may make many enemies.

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The main troubles in Scorpio/Taurus' life are based in feelings of jealousy or envy within the relationship.The energetic vitality and imagination that Aries and Scorpio's (respectively) have, will be heightened.When the time comes to, "think quick and do something to fix this", Scorpio/Aries rising will be good at doing what needs to be done.If not, the green-eyed monster will kill your love affairs over and over again.Scorpios respect themselves just as much as Aries does except, Scorpio is more protective of their self-respect than Aries.

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