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Her photo app Camera was not only the first most notable third party camera app for i Phone, but it also rose to that status by implementing unauthorized, sought after features e.g.using the volume buttons to operate the camera shutter.In the recent times however, there is a marked change in the gender dynamics of the app economy.Two quarters of this year ago, Appy Pie conducted a research on the ratio and rise in the number of women app makers and compared the data points of the first two quarters for the years 20.While Lina takes care of the business side including the money, marketing analytics, company strategy, hiring and all the administrative aspects of the business, Naomi provides Nix Hydra with a creative direction while being involved in idea generation, designing social systems and even designing the costumes for the virtual Egg Baby.Not only is this duo known for making an app, but they might be responsible for nurturing hopes and expectations of a new generation of young app developers.Fashion is very visual, and the existing solutions would only work with text keywords, which made it tiresome, if not impossible to find the clothes that you were really working for.Her app Donde has changed all that and uses visual cues to help you find exactly what you are looking for, from among 6,000 fashion & accessory brands from all over the world.

What began as an evening consoling one of her friends who had broken up with her girlfriend, quickly graduated to Robyn realizing that the lesbian dating websites or apps were largely a clone of the existing gay dating websites.

The two describe themselves as Yale graduates with a dream and their debut game – the virtual pet Egg Baby was downloaded for more than 15 million downloads.

Having known each other for over a decade, the two work and live in tandem as their homes are on the same block in Los Angeles, California.

This made her realize the existing gap and the scope of solutions that she could provide if she were to design a lesbian dating app that really was made for women and appealed to women.

Lisa Bettany is one of the developers who have been more visible and well known as compared to the rest.

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