Letters of updating sales tax exemption

The exemption may be disallowed if the form is not completely filled out.Form ST-5C may not be used as a "Blanket Certificate;” contractors must present Form ST-5C each time they purchase building materials and supplies. This exemption only applies, however, to building materials and supplies purchased exclusively for use in the construction, remodeling or repair of buildings or other structures "owned by" or "held in trust" for the benefit of these organizations.In certain cases, the exemption may be available to agents of exempt entities.

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Form ST-2 is not required for United States and Massachusetts governmental entities.The organization only present that one Form ST-5 to the vendor provided that the items listed on the Form ST-5 accurately describe the items to be purchased.A copy of the organization's Form ST-2 must accompany the Form ST-5 given to the vendor if a 501(c)(3) organization.Requests for a duplicate or amended copy of the Certificate of Exemption, Form ST-2, can be made in writing, on-line or by phone.The following information may be necessary in order to complete your request:(4) Other Documents.

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