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There was no way that I was going to pick up any of those implements when the food arrived.All eyes were glancing at me time to time, especially when the food arrived.

We discussed my arrival in Mangochi and a few logistical details.

I walked over to him and greeted him in English, since I have neglected to teach myself any Chichewa phrases. I leaned forward slightly at my waist as he looked on, then I grasped my lower back with the palm of my hand. We both understood that this was a very heavy box to lift and to carry.

I could tell that he knew English probably only a bit better than my Chichewa. We indicated goodbye and we both walked away laughing. On the other hand, when I was asked at the Save the Children office what I would like to eat for lunch, I found myself at the local eatery in the same building. I encounter this often as everyone sincerely wants me to feel comfortable and at home.

They are very friendly here and not at all surprised to be greeted.

For instance, I walked outside the corridor from my room and noticed a man who had just set down what looked like a heavy cardboard box.

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