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In its resolutions 1988/55, 1990//17, the Commission twice decided to extend the Special Rapporteur's mandate for two years, and then for a further three years, until 1995. The Special Rapporteur has followed his working method of transmitting to Governments summaries of allegations sent to him and appearing, prima facie, to represent infringements of or impediments to the exercise of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

4/1995/91 page 2 CONTENTS ( continued) Page Benin 20 Belarus 20 Bhutan 21 Bulgaria 28 Canada 32 Cyprus 32 Cuba 33 Egypt 34 United Arab Emirates 36 Ethiopia 37 Russian Federation 38 Ghana 38 Greece 39 India 42 Indonesia 49 Iran, Islamic Republic of 50 Iraq 53 Israel and the occupied territories 55 Kazakhstan 56 Kenya 56 Lebanon 57 Liberia 58 Malaysia 59 Morocco 60 Mexico 61 Mongolia 62 Myanmar 64 Nepal 65 Nigeria 65 Uzbekistan 66 Pakistan 66 Philippines 76 Romania 76 Rwanda 77 Sudan 80 Sri Lanka 81 Switzerland 99 Tanzania (United Republic of) 102 Turkey 102 Viet Nam 104 Yemen 109 Zimbabwe 109 Former Yugoslavia 110 E / CN. His mandate was extended for one year by resolution 1987/15 of 4 March 1987, at the same session of the Commission. From 1988 onwards, the Special Rapporteur has submitted yearly reports to the Commission (E/c N.4/1988/45 and Add.1; E/CN.4/1989/44; E/c N.4/1990/46; E/CN.4/1991/56; E/c N.4/1992/52; E/CN.4/1993/62 and Add.1 and Corr.1) . d'Almeida Ribeiro, the Chairman of the Commission appointed Mr. The latter submitted his report (E/c N.4/1994/79) to the Commission on Human Rights at its fiftieth session. In chapter I of this report, the Special Rapporteur recalls the terms of his mandate and their interpretation and describes the working methods he used. Chapter II contains allegations transmitted in 1994 to 49 Governments regarding situations which in the Special Rapporteur's view departed from the provisions of the Declaration, as well as the observations formulated in that respect by Governments. Chapter III contains the report of the Special Rapporteur's visit to China from 21 to 30 November 1994. Lastly, chapter IV contains conclusions and recommendations, based on an analysis of the information available regarding the numerous infringements of the rights set out in the Declaration during the period covered by this report and on the study of measures which could contribute to preventing intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief. MANDATE AND WORKING METHODS OF THE SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR 9.

SPECIFIC INCIDENTS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES EXAJ4INED BY THE SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR 8 Afghanistan . The Special Rapporteur recalls his wish to visit the Governments of India, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sudan and is still awaiting their replies.

(DS) Kago no Naka no Alisys (PC) Kami naru Kimi To (PSP) Jyuzaengi: Engetsu Sangokuden (PSP) Musketeer: Le Sang des Chevaliers (PSP) Bakudan Handan (PSP) Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE (PSP) Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa No Shou (PS2, PSP) Sangoku Koi Senki: Otome No Heihou!

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Legislation in the field of tolerance and non-discrimination in relation to religion or belief 113 D.

The Government of Greece, in a letter of 14 April 1994, agreed in principle to a visit in situ by the Special Rapporteur.

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