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I’m not going to make any claims about what I think is happening without doing a of research.The second is because this affects a lot of people.How many marketing bloggers do you think wrote something today hoping that you’ll read it. The first is that this guide is really for people looking to make money from blogs over the long-term.It’s a guide on building sites which withstand any search, social or platform changes.If you rely on getting masses of search traffic through some Google Hot Trends stalking or scrape half of your content from other blogs, I’m afraid I can’t help you.If on the other hand you have legitimate value to offer your industry, this guide will make sure you get noticed.I have a very open schedule for the rest of 2012 and, simply, I want to spend a large part of that continuing to grow the readership of this blog.Social networks are growing at record-breaking speeds.

Hopefully the length will deter your competitors from reading it, because there are a number of insights here which I have no doubt will give you an edge.

I want to know how this is likely to affect my own endeavours. If you did nothing but attempt to read all of the marketing content that is published today, you wouldn’t be finished this year.

The final reason I have put so much work into this topic is because of a simple truth: People do not have the time to read your content. We’re busier than ever, have shorter attention spans and more people in our entire history own websites they want us to visit. In other words, it’s no longer enough to be part of the top 1%. Before I start to overload your brain with data and ideas, there are just two last things I want to say.

Every single day I take notes about the big changes that are happening online, but I very rarely look at how they might affect my own businesses. There are more quotes, examples and data excerpts in this post than any other I have written.

Some of it was gathered 12 months ago, some in the last 12 days. A lot has changed from the days when Digg was the only share button people used on their posts and – besides going directly to a website – RSS was the most common way to consume blog content.

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