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With the Chinese invasion and Chiang Mai's backpack craze in full throttle though these past 6 months in the city has been less fun, so my recent trip to Udon got me back on the vibe for doing this blog which lets be honest I've not done much for the past few years.

Going to a place where there are no tourists and people treat you just like a local has reinvigorated my love for Thailand. I hadn't been back to isaan for years and almost forgot how good the food there is!

Penang, Singapore, Phnom Phenh, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and then there's Vientiane.

Can't say I know anyone who enjoyed this city, for a place where you can enjoy any kind of depravity drugs, hookers, ho's, and pimps, brothels for only 600 baht the place is just dead.

The Ho Chi Minh Road is fast becoming famous as one of the most scenic routes for a motorbike road trip in Asia.

Although it will eventually stretch from the southern-most tip of the country to its northern border with China, to date (2016) the Ho Chi Minh Road has been fully paved from Saigon in the south to Hanoi in the north: nearly 2,000km of unbroken road, cutting through some of the most spectacular landscape in Vietnam.

Annoyingly for me who speaks the language I'm reminded how much race has an influence about how i'm dealt with.

The past two years I've either been living down the depths of Bangkok Nana area, the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, or in the Center of Chiang Mai Tae Phae Gate. The main reason I've spent 8 years of my time in SEA at the tourist destinations is because of proximity to the night life.

Somehow I've made a life out of it though, living in a tourist destinations can be great but can also be a curse.

For much of its length, the road is a quiet, well-made, easily accessible, two-lane highway which sees very little traffic compared to the other major north-south road, Highway 1.

In this comprehensive guide I’ve written a description – including places to stay and eat, and things to see and do – of the entire Ho Chi Minh Road from south to north; starting from Saigon and ending in Hanoi.

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