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A parody of The Vicar of Dibley, with the humour based on dribbling water over the characters.

Based on consumer affairs programming, a studio audience of the day's guests with children sitting by them were given the chance to ask questions to Captain Justice (Ant in a Superman-esque costume), but Dec would rephrase the question before the children had a chance to speak.

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When Dec gave a confused reply, the Captain would exit through dry ice after saying "Sorry, misread the signs! Dec would sometimes add to the joke by saying "There goes Captain Justice, always disappears with a poof! Ant, Dec and Cat were dressed up as the female members of the band The Corrs, wearing long black wigs while speaking in Irish accents.A parody of Art Attack, presented by 'Neil Pumpcannon' (Ant).Similar to Fartbeat above, the gags were all based around passing wind.Episodes nearly always ended with the "freeze-frame", where everyone would freeze exactly where they were (a homage to the closing sequences of Police Squad! The celebrity guests present always took part in Chums, usually appearing as new flatmates or visitors.Amongst the best remembered episodes were their parodies of Big Brother (Big Idiot and Big Bother) and Band Aid (Ant Aid).

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