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Reasons for using euphemisms vary by context and intent.

Bureaucracies frequently spawn euphemisms intentionally, as doublespeak expressions.The term affirmative action, meaning a preference for minorities or the historically disadvantaged, usually in employment or academic admissions (also called reverse discrimination, or in the UK positive discrimination), is euphemism for intentional bias that might be legally prohibited, or otherwise unpalatable.A euphemism such as enhanced interrogation for torture may be less benign: columnist David Brooks called the euphemisms for torture at Abu Ghraib, Guant√°namo, and elsewhere an effort to "dull the moral sensibility".However, visual impairment can be a broader term, including, for example, people who have partial sight in one eye, those with uncorrectable mild to moderate poor vision, or even those who wear glasses, groups that would be excluded by the word blind.Expressions or words from a foreign language may be imported for use as a replacement for an offensive word.

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