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For others, who have more specific safeguarding responsibilities, it will involve complex work to support victims and disrupt and prosecute perpetrators.For everyone, it will involve questioning attitudes and beliefs that may get in the way of recognising that children are being sexually exploited and providing the consistent, determined non-judgemental support they and their families need.Perpetrators often target children who are already vulnerable – who may have troubled family histories and/or be bullied outside of the home and socially isolated.Once the young people are thought to be sufficiently emotionally involved, violence and intimidation is often used to ensure compliance.It may be appropriate to discuss some individual cases at strategic meetings such as the Multi-Agency Sexual Exploitation (MASE) meetings but these meetings shouldn't 'hold' the cases - they should continue to be managed by children's social care.Local authorities might find it appropriate to use child in need processes to protect children at risk of child sexual exploitation where there are no or very limited concerns relating to the family home and use child protection procedures where there are safeguarding concerns relating to the family - all such decisions should be recorded and the rationale explained.This will enable an assessment of the extent of CSE in each local authority and across London.The Editorial Board of the London Child Protection Procedures developed this guidance in order to avoid a parallel safeguarding process being developed for children at risk of sexual exploitation.

Therefore, all our packaging and shipping are carried out safely and tactfully.Child sexual exploitation does not always involve physical contact; it can also occur through the use of technology.’ Like all forms of child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation: Sexual exploitation is commonly characterised by the grooming of young people.This process is carried out by perpetrators to gain their trust.No marks on the package and no hint in your credit card bill – 100% hushed operation.SSD also provides Tax Clearance Service for Europe customers.

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