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I was especially wrapped up in a vid of some typical, blond, big-breasted girl getting “facialled” by a group of dumping, sad-looking guys when I heard Kelly’s door creak open, I peeked through the door and saw her with her dress wrapped around her waist, teasing her pussy with her fingers.She quickly closed the door, not wanting to rush things. She’d turned down the volume on the vid, so I could hear a voice egging her on.I watched as Kelly walked half a block ahead of me, the short skirt moved teasingly in the evening breeze, bouncing back and forth, her light brown hair was swaying across her shoulders.I thought of her smooth shaven pussy, naked, being tickled by the occasional gust of wind, each of which threatened to expose her to passers-by.Kelly and I’d been here before and the staff were used to us.

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I listened to her sucking those fingers through a hole that dozens of men stuck their slimy cocks through and I pulled out mine and placed it against her ass.

Even when I bought the tokens for the “peep-show” booths, it didn’t raise any eyebrows.

Couples often came in to see the vids in the booths, usually on a dare or as a drunken, post-clubbing lark.

She humped back at me, moved her ass up and down, still licking at the hole in the wall and some stranger’s mouth.

Just when I was about to enter her, however, she got off the bench and knelt on the floor!

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