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And don’t get me wrong, I do often enjoy my own company. But there’s just this weight, this hole, this emptiness in my soul that means I feel alone and I feel lonely so much of the fucking time. I’m not going to go to clubs, or take up a hobby, the two suggestions most often made to the lonely. I envy those who have religion because I would imagine it’s harder to feel lonely if you have a god living in/with you. Face to face conversations leave me full of dread as I try to think what the next line of chat should be rather than listening and replying naturally. I guess I’m hoping this will strike a chord in a similar way as my blog about depression a couple of years ago.

I honestly find the juggling of work and friendships and LIFE like spinning plates, it looks easy on the telly but it’s so bloody hard.

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"My fear factor has paralyzed me from going forward in relationships and I think that this time I'm going to wade through the fear in order to finish my life."He continued: "I don't want anything to fail. Fear is false evidence appearing real, and it appeared so real to me that I denied myself that. Yes."Mc Clurkin also told his friends and fans on Periscope that they were trying to make sure everything was in order for a successful relationship."I've fallen in love with Nicole and we're talking daily and any plans that we're making have not been officially established. I didn't propose to her officially and there have been no official statements made at all," he said."What you saw on TBN was Matt Crouch letting everybody know that I am in love and I am working toward marriage.

Now at this stage and age I want to go for it, I want to go for the golden ring."Last summer, both Mullen and Mc Clurkin confirmed they were exploring marriage in response to an impromptu announcement by Matt Crouch on TBN's "Praise the Lord" that they were getting married. The truth of the matter is that my plan is to get married.

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