Long term dating vs marriage

Married couples need to become experts in what is known in the case of young children, as “parallel play.” When children are entering toddlerhood and close to going to nursery school, they often play side by side, although each child is playing a different though perhaps compatible game, or each is engaged in what looks like a solitary activity but with an awareness that another child is close by, and also deeply engaged in their own play experience.

Parallel play is one key to a happy marriage, and something many couples don’t seem to know about.

Couples can and do regulate one another while in proximity, although each member is doing his or her own thing.2) If possible, keep separate bank accounts and credit cards Next on the list of factors that contribute to a happy marriage—if at all possible, keep separate checking accounts, and separate credit cards.

Many disputes and topics of dissention in long-time partnerships are about money, how you spend it, when you spent it, if you spend it.

You've heard what makes guys propose, now hear this: I interviewed some great guys I know to find out why they're not proposing to their long-term girlfriends. Could one of these factors be holding your man back?

These men have all been dating their girlfriends for four - seven years and are all between the ages of 27 and 30, aka they can afford engagement rings and have been with their significant others long enough to know what they need to know before they get engaged.

article about how people in long-standing relationships can literally "smell” one another’s emotions and I think, from first hand experience, this is true.Here's what they had to say about why they're not proposing:"She was slow to want to move in with me and seems somewhat petrified of marriage.My only constraint is that I would never propose without living with a girl for at least a year, so I would probably be willing to propose in the next few months if she was ready. She switched her position on having kids after we had been dating for four years.I feel that my relationship has in large part run its course, and that's a big part of what keeps me from moving forward.There's certainly no sense that things would improve, and at times, I have a strong feeling that marriage would make things worse.""My girlfriend and I have been dating for nearly four years.

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