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The manager ensured that the man was greeted, made comfortable, and told assistance was always available.But when he saw the old man, who reminded him of his grandfather, he got involved himself.On a flight from San Francisco to Singapore, so an airline spokesperson tells us, a passenger travelling with her husband admired the uniform of one of the cabin crew and asked her where she could get the green batik fabric.

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In a bid to spread some cheer, "For example, 'Martha has just flown in from the glamorous Hawaii, where she enjoyed long walks on the beach'.“There were two flight attendants that helped us... The captain of the ship did wait for us and the driver was waiting in the terminal with a sign. Our cruise to the British Isles was wonderful.” However much airlines try to jazz up safety videos, nothing will ever come close to the performance of crew member Nicholas Demore on a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas in November 2017.His black Mercedes was parked right outside the terminal. Forgoing formal procedure, he treated passengers to an innovative burlesque-like rendition, using a seat belt in lieu of a feather boa, fanning himself with a safety card and strutting down the aisle with an expression of glee.After take-off, the cabin manager noticed the passenger having difficulty using his cutlery, approached him, and helped the man enjoy his meal.Upon landing, the cabin manager then made sure assistance was ready for his arrival at the airport.

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