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I’m talking about going to a crazy dance club when we’d really rather be at the premiere of The Avengers, or joining a monthly networking group when all we want to do outside of work is talk about anything but work.

Think about where you’ll be happiest, most at ease, and have the most to say—then go to there.

Being a little kid was kind of the best, wasn’t it?

Between mandatory nap time, pajamas as acceptable formal wear, and an abundance of chicken tenders, kids have a lifestyle that can only be called “ideal.” But all that great stuff aside, there’s one aspect of childhood about which I’ve become even more nostalgic lately: making friends.

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While it’s additionally true that there’s a confidence level involved in telling rather than asking, it could just as easily be posed as a question: “What if… In my post about small talk, I described the disarming power of quirkiness. We get so used to the rote, scripted nature of human interaction that when someone dares to shake things up—to say the (nice!You might be indifferent between jogging and cycling, but how does your friend feel?Perhaps you notice they have some difficulty with conversation or they’ve told you they’re shy.Today we’re going to talk about the next step: making friends as a grownup!If you’re a shy nerd like me, it can take some real effort – which is why we asked Lindsay to give us her best tips on how to level up our social circle game – Take it away Lindsay!

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