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But while that might sound like a slightly creepy cliché, for many of us, a quick tally of our exes will bring up some uncomfortable similarities with the first man in our lives – whether you were aware of it at the time or not.Relationship therapist Dr Judith Wright says it’s quite straightforward.

As a builder, he’s practical enough to change a fuse with his eyes shut, but also smart enough to know how to invest money, talk world politics and spark conversation with anyone, irrespective of class.But the one thing he told me was to make sure my life partner was someone I considered my best friend.My dad was never really friends with my mom or his second wife.When I was deliberating whether to go or stay, I talked to my dad about some of the things my husband said to me.After my husband said hurtful things, he either asked me to forgive him or told me that I needed to get over it and stop holding grudges. My dad told me, ‘Some things can't be unsaid.’ It helped me realize that I was allowed to have boundaries.

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