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He acknowledges that, after the second album, "there was definitely a backlash" in the UK. When I was in Brighton, you get that backlash of being successful from other bands, it's easy to feel under pressure for that. But you get the overriding impression that he just wants his band to resonate with people again. To take it away from selling out the O2 and all those other dreams you have, to take it away from that, I just feel like it would be great for our music to connect again.

Now his eagerness to avoid offending anyone suggests a man wanting to make amends; does he ever feel like he has been misunderstood? People perceive you to be a certain way and I don't feel like that person. Because people think that what you're doing is a sell-out, you're trying to be too commercial.

“They’re not the type to be parading around on red carpets and would rather be down the pub having a roast. She’s been supporting the new album and is his biggest cheerleader.

“She’ll be gutted with him missing out on his second No1 album.” Tom is her third musician boyfriend.

In 2013, Tom got close to TAYLOR SWIFT but was put off by her fame.

Although it has been suggested that the band's internal struggles were affecting their work, Pritchard shrugs off the idea.

"Since we've started it's always kinda been a very rocky road with different members.

We wanted to make a really modern-sounding album and to try and fuse our more traditional influences with modern ones." Having employed Tony Hoffer on production duties for the last two albums, the band decided to take a new approach and hired Kasabian producer Jim Abbiss.

Despite "some really good sessions", early recordings were scrapped because they weren't "enough of a step up".

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