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Juminhttps:// Obsessiv-SONG:...- ? Who would be Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, and Seven? v=bmjvz-JAp S4 xoxo Chaerin Hello and welcome to our Wrong mep! Euphonium 19: Purple Flying Whale - Osumatsu-san20: kikieditz - Free! Well, apart from the editing of course but the videos are all from their respective owners! There's a part two to this so check that out too!! 1: Jules - Dance with Devils2: Vulgar Edits - Yamada-kun and the 7 witches3: Rightx Lifestyle - Denpai Onna4: Purplx5: x XAMVSAVESIMULATORXx - Prison School6: Randomly Simple dottedtaylor: Bokuroo and Kisumi Shigino7: kirmazah - Miraculous Ladybug8: aspertia - Kekkai Sensen9: Breathing Motion8D - Haikyuu10: aspertia - Haikyuu11: aimyuu - OHSHC12: xanmoyux - Haikyuu13: dottedtaylor - Kiznaiver (backup part)14: Haket15: Clochettedanette13 - Nisekoi16: kiyuukoii - One Punch Man17: Clochettedanette13 18: x Sugoi Gurlz - Hibike! OH AND TO CHLOE' S MOM BECAUSE SHE' S LUCIEL TRASHOK SO HONESTLY THIS WAS JUST TO EDIT SOMETHING THAT WASN' T DARK, MAGI, SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO OR SOMETHING. Without them, there would have been a chance of this not finishing! ): https:// RIip Rl0vy R3lpwg GDw Zw Source List: B2EP_9Py4cu1Fa GQIW6AHWyh2Ck_wr4A/edit? This MEP is special to us, because it's for the fans, and it's our first collab with Secret Message Studio! reminity ( ) - 707 x Zenhttps:// FV3q Oyuq9l Omqt6b Q*5.

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. kuro hoshimi ( ) - Jaehee x MChttps:// UY3X764w-Q7hp5A*3.

I'll do better in the nexts and here are the links:707(memes): https:// OO0_1QKMLOQmyetie(fanarts): Lie(mmd):https:// XK5JA4k Jrhp Vlqdb Ztmv QOkay you MM trashcans were asking me to do another video like this, so here you go, well actually my god-like brain ran out of ideas so this MAY, be worst than the others but its fine, thanks for the amazing comments on my previous videos guys, they really helped motivate me.

was the peak of my mobile app obsession, Mystic Messenger was all like n AH BITCH.------ive sold my soul to this game and it's only been a 2 days.------never in my LIFE had i thought that i would go back to my middle school days to download a song that i havent heard in years bcuz it was literally the first song i thought of when i was like 'hmm i wanna edit w/ that phone game that has to do w/ phones..'----oh also, techincally there is another person that can have a route in this game but they are not included in this vid bec AUSE::::: there is a girl in this game& u cannot romance her,,u can say i was a lil bummed.... OK IM A LOTTA BUMMED.---tumblr| almakarmas.twitter||https:// xd I'm Jae, nice to meet you xd and in this video I show some memes, fanarts, covers and interesting things that you should see and people that you should follow in this amazing fandom.

If you like BTS and Mystic Messenger, plz consider sharing since this took a while to edit : DIf BTS was Mystic Messenger, which route would you choose? I used a coloring on top of the MEP so that the colors look more the same Intro: Chaerin // Zen Part1:xxxasianprincess//Yoosung Part2:xxxasianprincess//Jumin Part3: Winnie//Unknown/Saeran Part4: Missy K//Saeran Part5: Wolfii//MC Part6: Chaerin //Jumin Part7:xxx JUDASxxx//V Part8: Itzelwind //seven/ saeyoung Song: https://

~Tags: mystic messenger, otome game, otome, mysticmessenger, yoosung, zen, jaehee, jumin, seven, luciel, searan, unknown, vine, anime, manga, game, amv, love, korea, korean, kpop, exo, animation, app, bts, monsta x Morgan Lemons is MC. Happy 1st Anniversary Mystic Messenger : DSo finally the Mep is done, 3 days after the DLI'm quite happy with the results everbody did a amazing job.

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