Mac taylor lindsay monroe dating fanfiction

Calleigh allows herself to become a hostage to save a fifteen year old girl from witnessing her mother's death.

In the process, the man holding her hostage beats Calleigh until she is barely conscious.

The one person she is closest to and cares for the most is Warrick, whos like a second father to her. How does she hear the news-from who, how does she react, does she go to the hospital see Warrick one last time say goodbye? Can Nick reconnect with his daughter and help her through this time. The events in Dispo Day changed the relationship between Horatio and Speed they had become lovers.

Fastforward to the events in Lost Son and Horatio loses not only his lover he also loses his unborn child's father. Mpreg Okay so I've read several fics where either someone amongst Warrick or Gil's family/friends doesn't approve of their relationship because they frown on homosexuality.

But what Nick doesen't know is that sometimes time lets people rethink things and change thier minds.

Dealing with the aftermath of the eposide Gum Drops.

With no other family left Nick takes in Cassie,the little girl who had her throat cut while her family was murdered.

It's a little strange at first but the two find a way to make their new family work.

The youngest is the opposite of her sister, not a very good student, smart but doesnt care enough to try, and always getting into trouble.

Summary: Aaron Hotchner decides he wants something that is no longer his partner of ten years, Spencer Reid.

Reid runs to the one place he knows he will be safe to allow his heart to fully break; Miami Florida, and the home of Jason Gideon and his partner Horatio Caine.

In the end, Gil or Warrick must decide if they are willing to let go of one loved one for the sake of another. Overlapping cases bring the MCRT to Vegas, and Gibbs back into Catherine's life.

Bonus points if Gibbs is Lindsay's biological father.

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