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Their soaring multi-storeyed towers rise from solid granite bases, and are covered with colourful stucco figures of gods, goddesses, mythical animals and monsters which are renewed and painted every 12 years – the most recent touch-up having been completed in February 2009.

There are about 4000 granite sculptures on the lower levels.

The hotel is well connected and is only 30minutes’ drive from the airport, 15minutes’ (04 km) from the railway station and 10 minutes’ (3 km) from Sree Meenakshi Amman Temple.

The temple complex is divided into a number of concentric quadrangular enclosures contained by high masonry walls.

British collector of Madurai Rose Peter, Shipping merchants Scotch Brothers and East India Company –all donated gold and jewels to goddess Meenakshi.

India Office Library, London has a haunting series of glass plate photographs of Pudu Mandapam opposite the temple taken in the 1850s by Captain Edward Lyons.

Inside- the temple there is a tank where a Golden Lotus is floating.

Thousands of years ago a merchant by name Dhananjayan saw Indra doing Puja with golden lotus flowers.

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