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“These are three products for us but it is one big communication market and it is all integrated in one big group. All our social networks in Russia are going really well.

This is where most of our audience is concentrated. This is one of the most exciting things for us because when people communicate over the internet in Russia they want to share information and they want to entertain, so there’s a very close connection between games and our communication products. I think that people who use Facebook in Russia are usually people who can speak English and have a lot of friends abroad because most of your Russian friends will be on our social networks.” Within the past year, the average number of hours spent online per internet user per month in Russia are said to have increased from 15 to 22.5.

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“Russian is the fourth or fifth most spoken language in the world. The internet penetration is much greater in the US and western Europe than it is in Russia at the moment but those places are not going to grow.” Investor enthusiasm for was revealed by its London listing.

Especially good for educational purposes: lots of information about the nature, flora and fauna of the lake, as well as history.

SRAS - The School of Russian & Asian Studies If you are thinking about studying or making an exchange in Russia we recommend to use this organisation.

Over 25 million accounts associated with forums hosted by Russian internet giant have been stolen by hackers.

Two hackers carried out attacks on three separate game-related forums in July and August.

Siberian Pain Fight Club I have no idea whether this is real or not, but they claim to be the first official Fight Club in Siberia.

Lonely Planet Guide to Russia Perhaps, after Way To Russia.

Net, this is the best travel guide to Russia you can find on the internet.

One forum alone accounted for almost half of the breached data -- a little under 13 million records; the other two forums make up over 12 million records.

The databases were stolen in early August, according to breach notification site Leaked, which obtained a copy of the databases.

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