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The operating system keeps a count of references to the file, and will not actually delete the underlying file data until the reference count goes to zero.In the case of an average file, the reference count of the unopened file is one (the directory entry).Wrong files/log cleanup (badly configured logrotate and such). Files removed with rm while process is attached (you will not see the file anymore, but the process is still writing in it and taking up space until you restart it). With a fully buffered file, the buffer is typically a multiple of 1024 bytes somewhere in the range of sizes from 1K to 32K bytes; but can be any size the process chooses.)when the log of an application, database, or system is not updating as it is known to or expected to given its history, here's what i was hoping you guys would be alluding to: 1.Inode exhaustion (rare on modern filesystems, limits are quite high). the application that normally logs to that log file is not functioning properly. a lack of activity could mean some part of a web site is not functioning right. page not loading, or taking too slow, causing users to give up.

i want to be able to see the progress of whatever postfix is doing and it is in maillog file that it use to be in.

Perhaps the problem is - you guessed it: something! Describe your environment (applications, OS, versions, topology and whatever might be of influence) and then show some log files and what exactly changed.

You do not call a doctor (mind you, via phone) and ask him for a diagnose based on "i feel different today than i felt yesterday".

You go there show to him where it hurts and let him examine.

Until you tell us some necessary information it is all wild guessing and conjecture.

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