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We told him to send us what he had in order for us to Vet him, he then told us he was not SF, he was Air Force/Air National Guard, but he did serve with some SF during Desert Storm.He wanted us to mediate between the SF guys and him to work something out..Several SF guys began to call him out on his claims, asking him who he served with, and his ODA.Of course he just kept beating around the bush, trying to not answer their questions directly.

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While public officials may be ignoring the continued deterioration of our economy, job losses to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people weekly, and the unprecedented demand for government emergency support services like unemployment insurance and food assistance, Americans who sense uncertainty in the air are flocking to the safety of physical resources.

Our first point of interest is a recent report from the Federal Reserve that indicates some 4 billion dollars in cash was withdrawn from the nation’s largest banks in the last thirty days.

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